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Welcome to Rockdoor
Rockdoor has been the driving force behind composite door
technology for over 20 years.
During that time, more than half a million doors have been
produced at our Lancashire innovation and production centre.
We use nickel-coated solid brass for our hook locks, high impact
uPVC skins to resist cut-through, carbon fibre to reinforce our
inner frames and a unique S-Glaze system that locks the glass into
your door for life. It means Rockdoors can’t be forced open.
And because every Rockdoor is made-to-measure rather than
mass-produced to a standard shape before being trimmed to size,
it’s an exact fit for your home. It means no leaks, no draughts and
lower heating bills
The toughest, safest and most energy efficient door.
Keeping you safe. Reducing your bills. Giving you choice.
Ultimate Series
The toughest, safest and most energy efficient doors
available – with dozens of styles and glass design options. Page 16
Elite Series
We’ll never allow safety and peace of mind to be
compromised, but we understand that sometimes budgets just won’t
stretch to the top of the range. Page 42
Select Series
Simple and affordable with uncomplicated glass design
options. The door of choice when energy ratings are a lower priority.
Completely Safe.
Rockdoor hit the headlines
as the ‘Door That Beat The Bobbies’ when local
police had to abandon their attempts to break
through a Rockdoor with battering rams.
In fact, it’s so hard to break through a Rockdoor
that the Fire Service visited our manufacturing
facility for training on how to do so in the rare
event of an emergency. To help them during their
practice sessions, they used a high tech diamond-
tipped power saw which even expert burglars
don’t carry with them.
Not all Doors are made equal…